Where is Alaska?
Where is Alaska? Far up north and a fair piece from the continental United States lies a vast region known as the Last Frontier. Still largely undeveloped, Alaska is the largest state in the union and boasts the smallest population of residents. Where is Alaska? Well lets read below and discover the location of this vastly unknown land of snow, ice and tundra.

Where is Alaska?   –  

Facts and Distances relating to the question of where Alaska is located and how people get to and from the state.

The location is revealed,

  • Alaska is located on the northwest coast of North America along the Pacific Ocean.
  • Most popular cruise destination in North America.
  • The northern 49th parallel separates the Continental United States from Canada. The main body of Alaska is still a 2100 mile drive north from here.
  • The closest town in Alaska that you can drive to is Hyder accessed from the Glacier Highway heading southwest from Meziadin Junction in Canada and through the town of Stewart British Columbia.
  • Alaska is so big it has been given its own time zone. AST or Alaska Standard Time is one hour behind Pacific Standard Time and four hours behind Eastern Standard Time.
  • At 570,374 square miles; Alaska is twice the size of Texas, Sorry Texas, and 1/5 the size of the rest of the United States; Now That's Big.
  • From east to west, Alaska stretches 2,400 miles and north to south another 1,420 miles.
  • Alaska's coastline is 50 percent longer than the combined east and west coastlines of the entire United States. In all, Alaska's coastline covers 6,640-mile and includes desolate expanses of mind absorbing solitude that calls upon the courageous to discover its existence.
  • There are an estimated 150,000 moose, 110,000 black bears, 35,000 brown bears, and 7,500 polar bears living in Alaska. The most popular attraction remains the estimated 100,000 glaciers in Alaska viewed by 1.4 million visitors to this state each year, nearly 1 million visitors arriving by cruise ship alone.


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