Welcome to the Anchorage Alaska Visitors Guide for 2009 Anchorage AK.
Answers to FAQ's about Anchorage and Alaska Vacations. The best time to visit Alaska comes 365 days every year. Something special is going to be found any time you choose to visit so come on over and spend some quality time in Alaska this year. Moose, bear, caribou and whales all are present throughout the year in Anchorage. The bears may just be sleeping!

When is the Best Time to Visit Alaska for Wildlife?

Believe it or not but those buggers are here all year long. It just seems like they're playing a game of hide and seek when visitors arrive. But in all reality it's not the wildlife that need to change but the viewing habits of those wanting to get a good look at them that needs to be rearranged. Moose, bear, and many other of Alaska's wildlife tend to be more active in the wee mornings and late afternoons. To improve your chances of seeing them up close, plan a few outings around these times and you're sure to be rewarded.

Where to View Wildlife in Anchorage

You can find some of the hottest spots for Alaska wildlife viewing in and around Anchorage within an hour's drive of town.

Taking an evening drive along the roads leading into and out of Anchorage often rewards you with some great wildlife viewing opportunities. Additionally, places like Potter's Marsh Bird Sanctuary along the Seward Highway south of town is a top place to see waterfowl including geese, ducks, loons and swans.

The Seward Highway turnouts along Turnagain Arm are often filled with vehicles. People flock to this area to watch as the beluga whales follow the returning salmon into the creeks and rivers close to Anchorage. Watch for the white backs and small spouts as they swim by.

The hillside areas of Anchorage offer trails and pullouts for exploring nature where encounters with moose and bears are all too common. If you choose to take this route, read and heed any warning signs posted along the trails.


Anchorage Wildlife Viewing

We hope we have supplied adequate information on our website to answer any questions you may have about planning a trip to Anchorage Alaska. Naturally there is more to an Alaska vacation planning than just what is included here as we all are looking for something different from our vacation. Wilderness, wildlife viewing, the Northern Lights, are just some of the activities waiting to be experienced. Fly out for a day of brown bear viewing or fishing, you won't regret it. Golfing and souvenir shopping are available within driving distance of the Hotels in Anchorage.


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