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The Alaska Vacation Guide: People are drawn to the allure of Alaska every year and Anchorage is commonly the first stop for most of these travelers. It is from Anchorage that many visitors base their vacations and take numerous day or longer excursions to the south for the very popular fishing locations like Seward and Cooper Landing or head to the northern locations such as Talkeetna, Denali National Park and Fairbanks.

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Anchorage Alaska Vacation Guide

To discover how best to get here, where the best places to stay are, and what there is to do in and around Anchorage, we suggest you begin by exploring the pages of this site and make your plans to visit us soon.

Background: Alaska is equal to one-fifth of the size of the entire continental US including Texas so don't plan on seeing it all in one visit.  Due to it's logistical advantages we suggest that you start your adventures with Anchorage and begin your explorations from here.

The Municipality of Anchorage encompasses 1697.6 sq. miles of land and 263.9 sq. miles of water. That's a total of nearly 2000 sq. miles within one city. The population of the Municipality of Anchorage hovers around 360,000 yet only some 280,000 actually live in the city of Anchorage itself. The balance live in suburb towns like Eagle River, Chugiak, Indian and Girdwood.

Getting Around in Anchorage Alaska.

Trains, planes, busses, and cars are all available for your time in our city.

The Alaska railroad offers many unique adventures departing daily to places like Talkeetna, Denali Park, Fairbanks to the north and Prince William Sound and Resurrection Bay to the south. See Alaska Railroad Tours for additional information.

Floatplane's are a very popular and necessary means of transportation in Alaska. Despite the immense size of the state, there are relatively few roads. Access to many of the villages as well as fishing lodges is limited to floatplane access only. These trips are also the best way to see Alaska's wilderness areas as well as a great view of mountains, glaciers, volcano's, hidden valleys and extremely remote lakes and rivers. See Anchorage Floatplane's for additional info on the services offered at Lake Hood Seaplane Base.

Anchorage has a bus system called People Mover that offers inexpensive scheduled transportation throughout the city and municipality. See the page for Anchorage People Mover for more info.

Rental cars are available from most of the major national rental car agencies. Both airport and downtown lots service the cities visitors needs. For more be sure to see Anchorage Rental Cars.

Weather in Anchorage Alaska!

For planning your trip to Anchorage we have added a chart reflecting the Anchorage Alaska Average Temperature by Month! This will give you some idea of what to expect but bear in mind that these numbers are the average and most anything is possible when we're talking weather here or where ever your headed.


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