Welcome to the Anchorage Alaska Visitors Guide for 2009 Anchorage AK.
Welcome to the Anchorage Alaska Visitors Guide for 2015 Anchorage AK. Anchorage Alaska vacations visitors guide discusses what you need to know before you arrive from locating a hotel to reserving Anchorage Tours. Also includes Anchorage Alaska Tours, Anchorage airport hotel and car for hire for Anchorage AK travel and vacation planning. Find the hot hotel deals in Anchorage Alaska with budget friendly discount prices.

Fishing in Anchorage Alaska

In the past, Alaska King Salmon fishing on the Deshka River has been outstanding. It is a little know fact how good the king salmon fishing can be on this semi remote river which is easily accessible from Anchorage.

Fishing the Anchorage Lakes.

Take the family rainbow fishing in Anchorages stocked lakes at Jewel, Delong and Campbell Point Lake where the fish average about 10 inches in length and 20 inches in fun. Small spinners, flies, the little cocktail shrimp, store bought salmon eggs or the smaller fresh cured roe will work. You might also wish to target the arctic char in Sand Lake and Campbell Point lake but if so, try fishing the deeper waters for your best success.

Additional Fishing in the Anchorage Area.

The Deshka and Little Susitna river, AKA Little Su as it's known here in Anchorage, are just two of the top salmon fishing rivers located in the heart of the beautiful and historic Mat-Su Valley near Anchorage. Both rivers can be reached from Anchorage via a short 90 minute drive from town or via one of the air charter services located on Lake Hood. For more info see the Alaska Fishing and Anchorage Salmon Fishing pages here on the Anchorage website.

Pat Donelson of IFishAlaska Guide Service and Howard Riley of Millers Riverboat Service are two long time guides in the area and operate two of the best Alaska Fishing Guide businesses in in the Anchorage Area. There services, Alaska Guides Inc of Wasilla, Alaska have produced limits of salmon for many anglers throughout the years and continue to do so today. They primarily take clients fishing on the Deshka River or Little Susitna for salmon and also offer some outstanding rainbow trout fishing as well. You can contact them at 1-907-357-0131 to arrange a trip.


2015 Resident Alaska Fishing License Fees King Salmon Stamp
Annual Fishing License $ 24.00 $ 10.00
2015 Non-Resident Alaska Fishing License Fees King Stamp Non-Resident
1 Day Sport Fishing License $ 20.00 $ 10.00
3 Day Sport Fishing License $ 35.00 $ 20.00
7 Day Sport Fishing License $ 55.00 $ 30.00
14 Day Sport Fishing License $ 80.00 $ 50.00
Annual Fishing License $145.00 $ 100.00
Yukon Residents Only $ 24.00 $ 10.00
Active Duty Military $ 24.00 $ 20.00


Jewel lake in Anchorage AK. Happy angler after a sucessful fishing trip in Anchorage AK. Robert Hayes kneels in the boat that he won during the Downtown Soup Kitchen's Slam'n Salm'n Derby after he caught a 40.97-pound king salmon June 15, 2008. Within easy reach of Anchorage you will find many great fishing lodges.
Trout Fishing in Jewel Lake
This stocked lake is popular with families year round.
Anchorage Salmon Fishing
The where, when, and how of salmon fishing in Anchorage.
Ship Creek Fishing
Wow, excellent fishing in the heart of Anchorage.
Anchorage Fishing Lodge
Where the lodges are in the Anchorage area.

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