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Deshka River Salmon Fishing

You will wonder how this beautiful river has gone so unnoticed for so long. Although well known by the local salmon fishermen, the Deshka River has had little attention from outside interests for some time. This may be changing as there are some first class fishing lodges along its banks and there is a growing flotilla of fishing guides ready to take you salmon fishing in Alaska too.

Deshka River Salmon Fishing offers some of that famous salmon fishing in Alaska that is close to the city yet offers an excellent wilderness feel. The Deshka is best accessed at Deshka Landing, about 70 miles north of Anchorage.

Deshka River Alaska

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

The the pristine waters of the Deshka River flow through the picturesque Mat Su Valley where other rivers like the Little Susitna, Clear Creek and Lake Creek are located. The king salmon fishing season generally runs June 1st to July 13th, and the silver salmon fishing season normally runs from July 20th to August 30th. Be sure to check the current Alaska Fishing Regs for exact dates. Also note the open dates for the Deshka river for fishing with bait like salmon eggs. Fishing with bait can increase your catch and is typically open early in the season making this time very productive for salmon fishing.





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