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Alaska Fishing: One of the most treasured pastimes of the residents and visitors alike is on sale during the 2010 summer fishing season. Recession Marketing hits the best in Alaska Fishing Packages as guides and lodges fight for your business with last minute deals on every aspect of your upcoming Alaska vacation. Book your reservations today for Alaska salmon fishing at Alaska Fishing Discounts in Anchorage Alaska today.

Alaska Fishing

Jewel lake in Anchorage AK.
Trout Fishing in Jewel Lake
This stocked lake is popular with families year round.
Happy angler after a sucessful fishing trip in Anchorage AK.
Anchorage Salmon Fishing
The where, when, and how of salmon fishing in Anchorage.
Robert Hayes kneels in the boat that he won during the Downtown Soup Kitchen's Slam'n Salm'n Derby after he caught a 40.97-pound king salmon June 15, 2008.
Ship Creek Fishing
Robert Hayes 2008 winner Slam'n Salm'n Fishing Derby.
Within easy reach of Anchorage you will find many great fishing lodges.
Anchorage Fishing Lodge
Where the lodges are in the Anchorage area.

By Bob Jameson
June 14, 2010

On July 17, 2009, visiting angler from Wichita KS, sets free a monster Kenai River King Salmon that may have come close to thge current worlds record:
At 58 inches this Kenai River hawg is estimated to weigh in at 90 pounds. Joel Atchison will have quite a tale to tell when he gets back to his home in Wichita, Kansas. Congratulations to Joel Atchison on catching and releasing that monster king salmon. Book your trip today on the Kenai River.

Numerous Alaska fishing guides and lodges are offering deeply discounted fishing packages with prices not seen in many years. These discounts are being offered in the hopes of filling their lodging and boats for the upcoming fishing season. Discounts of 20, 30, and even 40 percent are becoming common in a market that demands great deals to keep people willing to part with the money in their summers smaller vacation budgets.

Alaska On Sale: For the sportsmen out there, these package deals are adding a boat load of increased value to an already exemplary fishing vacation. Yes, 2010 is definitely the best year in perhaps a decade to visit Alaska provided you are willing to do a little shopping around through the masses of Alaska fishing packages out there.

Additionally, airfares, cabins and other visitor services are also being offered up to 40 percent less then just one year ago.

In the travel industry, commodities are time sensitive meaning if you don’t book it now you can’t hold on to it until things start getting better.

Let’s look at it this way, the local lumber yard need not to discount products as drastically as the items can wait to be sold later in the year but a seat on tomorrows guide boat or a room at the local motel not booked today can never be booked again. All revenue not collected from an empty seat today is lost forever making that half price seat some very desirable revenue during a struggling tourist season. By lowering these prices, a company can keep a business afloat but just not necessarily as profitable as years before.

Are the discounts working?
In most cases yes, the discounts help keep bookings steady for those who have actively marketed these packages. Most have at least covered their costs of doing business along with putting away enough to hold them through the ensuing winter months, others are not looking so good, and some are in, or soon to be in, big trouble with bookings lagging way back from the sustainable levels required.

This leaves us with two glaring questions.

  • What should a potential visitor be looking for in their Alaska fishing package?
    • Our research has indicated that there is no one class of package that offers any advantage over another. Small guide services with one cabin are discounting just as much as the mega lodges and premier fly out lodges.
  • How much should you be paying?
    • This will vary between areas but in most cases you should be seeing at least a 20 percent discount over last years prices.

What do you need to do to take advantage of these great new offers?
Before anything else, have a good idea on what your budget will allow and start looking at locations that fit within the parameters you set. Road accessible areas are usually less expensive, Southeast Alaska ranks in the middle and the Bristol Bay area will typically run near the top.

2012 Resident Alaska Fishing License Fees King Salmon Stamp
Annual Fishing License $ 24.00 $ 10.00
2012 Non-Resident Alaska Fishing License Fees King Stamp Non-Resident
1 Day Sport Fishing License $ 20.00 $ 10.00
3 Day Sport Fishing License $ 35.00 $ 20.00
7 Day Sport Fishing License $ 55.00 $ 30.00
14 Day Sport Fishing License $ 80.00 $ 50.00
Annual Fishing License $145.00 $100.00
Yukon Residents Only $ 24.00 $ 10.00
Active Duty Military $ 24.00 $ 20.00

Alaska Fishing Discounts offer great deals on Akaska salmon fishing right now. Book your reservations today for Alaska salmon fishing at Alaska Fishing Discounts in Anchorage Alaska today.


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