Welcome to the Anchorage Alaska Visitors Guide for 2009 Anchorage AK.
Welcome to the Anchorage Alaska Visitors Guide for 2015 Anchorage AK. Anchorage Alaska vacations visitors guide discusses what you need to know before you arrive from locating a hotel to reserving Anchorage Tours. Also includes Anchorage Alaska Tours, Anchorage airport hotel and car for hire for Anchorage AK travel and vacation planning. Find the hot hotel deals in Anchorage Alaska with budget friendly discount prices.

Lake Hood & Anchorage Seaplane Base

Lake Hood Seaplane Base

Lake Hood Seaplane Base off International Airport Road in Anchorage Alaska is the largest and busiest floatplane bases in the world. Daily flights depart for remote areas of the state.

Located next to Anchorage International Airport and close to rental cars and downtown.

Anchorage Float Plane Base.

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