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Things To Do In Anchorage Alaska covers topics of interest to a diverse group of ages and interests. This page is about the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center located on the Seward Highway where the original town of Portage Alaska once stood.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage AK.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Bald Eagle at the Center.
The Observation Pavillion at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage AK. Bull Elk
Bull Moose Brown Bears at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
See the bears at the Alaska Bear Interpretive Center in Portage Alaska. Gift Shop at the Conservation Center.
Photos By: Michael Jameson ©2009
Sept. 2009 Home School Field Trip

Don't pass by this excellent opportunity to get up close and photograph some of Alaska most exciting residents in a natural setting. When you visit the center you will be able to see the grand Bull Moose, the nearly extinct Wood Bison, the always exciting Brown Bears, as well as Caribou, Sitka Black tail Deer, Bald Eagles, Coyote, and an occasional Lynx or two.

Stop by and see if anyone new has moved in lately. Keep track of all the animals you see and take as many pictures as you like. Be sure to bring your friends as well as your in-laws when they come to visit you in Alaska. It's one outing that's sure to please even the most discriminating individuals.

Alaska Wildlife Viewing
Alaska is so large and it's inhabitants so spread out, it's a rare opportunity that you find so much of its wildlife located in one area where you can view and photograph them in such a natural habitat. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a must see attraction for the Anchorage Area.

The total costs of attendance are as follows;

Category Fee
Adults $10.00
Seniors; 65 and over $ 7.50
Active Duty Military $ 7.50
Children: 4-12 $ 7.50
Children: 4 & under $ Free
Maximum Per Vehicle $30.00
Annual Membership $60.00

Alaska Bear Interpretive Center.

Coming in 2010; A New Alaska Bear Interpretive Center is being planned for the summer of 2010 that will be built to allow you to really get to know our most visited species in the center. This new facility will greatly enhance the informative nature of your experience. The 5 million dollar facility will be built near the area where the Brown Bears are currently being kept. The Brown Bears are the centers top attraction by those visiting the facility thus this new Interpretive Center is greatly anticipated by all.


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