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Are you looking to save money on your next Alaska fishing trip? If so, read the article on Planning Your Cheap Alaska Fishing Trips to discover the secrets for keeping costs at a minimum and still enjoying the fantastic Alaska fishing that we all are dreaming about. If you have some tips for saving money on fishing in Alaska that you would like to share, drop us a note and we will be happy to include them on the pages here at Alaska Anchorage for others to read.

Planning Tips for that Cheap Alaska Fishing Trip

Cheap Alaska FishingWorries about today's economy have necessitated the return to planning our fishing trips on a little less grand scale. This seemingly would mean going to a less flamboyant lodge or flying in to a river closer to the road system. But does this actually have to mean a less exciting fishing trip? Here is what we found.

First off, lets start by looking at some of the less expensive areas in Alaska to go fishing. It's safe to say if your looking to save a lot of dollars, a couple of extra days planning can save you hundreds.

Southeast Alaska is a fishing Mecca. Those that have discovered it's riches tend to keep it within their network of friends. These folks return to this area often and seldom venture further north. Getting there is one of the best parts of the trip. Southeast is separated from the road systems by towering mountains, massive glaciers and an abundance of water. These features alone are reason enough to visit Southeast Alaska. Add in some outstanding saltwater, river and stream fishing and you can begin to see why this area is worthy of consideration for your Alaska fishing trip. Are Cheap Alaska Fishing Trips available in Southeast? Of coarse they are, it's all in the planning.

Planning for an Affordable Alaska Fishing Trip.

  1. Take your time and plan ahead. Look into all the possibilities before settling on your trip.
  2. Contact more then one of each of your needed services and check for specials and discounts.
  3. Check for military or prior military discounts, these usually will reduce your costs by an additional 10%.
  4. Look for package deals from lodges, RV rental companies, RV Parks, fishing charters and such. Packages will usually reduce your overall costs while filling the needs of your fishing vacation.
  5. Renting a motorhome or roughing it in a tent can save big money when vacationing in Alaska and fishing in Alaska is no exception to this rule.
  6. Motorhome rentals can be found in a number of forms. There are the large Class A's and the more moderate Class C's but there are also a few campervan rentals available that might be something to look at if the costs are adjusted accordingly. Be sure to look into both commercial and private rentals to see what best suits your needs.
    1. As an RV owner ourselves, we really like the freedom of the Class C for traveling and fishing around Alaska. Having the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stove/oven and a warm place to sleep is a big plus for us. It's like moving Alaska into your backyard and enjoying the best it has to offer without the need to really rough it.
  7. Try avoiding the most popular fishing destinations. These areas are fantastic fishing hotspots but due to their popularity they attract a disproportionate amount of fishermen.This popularity drives up the cost of everything from fishing lodges & cabins, local services and even camping. Instead, head to the less frequented areas like the Little Susitna, Talkeetna, Deshka Rivers or the Gulkana River on the Richardson Highway where great fishing can be had for less money.
  8. If you're trip is to include the Kenai River and you want to save money on your fishing trip, consider applying as many of the tips included here and you will be surprised at how affordable your trip will be.

Fishing Alaska on a Budget

Cheap Alaska Fishing Trips is a great place to start if you're looking to save money on your next Alaska fishing trip!

Enjoy your vacation in Alaska fishing for the legendary King Salmon and other species of ocean fresh salmon. We hope that these tips will help you in having the fishing trip of a lifetime without spending your lifetime's savings.

If you have some tips for saving money on fishing in Alaska that you would like to share, drop us a note and we will be happy to include them on these pages. Some of the topics we are intersted in include; Affordable Alaska Fishing Trips for Alaska Salmon Fishing on a Budget in and around Anchorage, the Matsu Valley, Kenai and the Kenai Peninsula.

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