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Denali is the location for finding the best viewpoints of Mt. McKinley.
The driving distance from Anchorage to Denali National Park? About 240 miles.
Anchorage to Fairbanks; 365 miles.
Denali National Park to Fairbanks; 125 miles.

How far is Mount McKinley from Anchorage?

The driving distance from Anchorage to McKinley is the same as driving to Denali National Park. Mount McKinley best seen from the Denali area which is about 235 miles depending upon just where you will be starting from.

Also known as Denali, Mount McKinley in the heart and sole of majestic Alaska's Denali National Park. Towering some 20,320 feet (6,194 meters) above sea level, Mount McKinley is viewable from as far away as Anchorage but the best views are from within Denali National Park itself. Mount McKinley or Denali (Koyukon Athabaskan for "The High One") is a top attraction on the bus tours operated through the National Park Service.

Mount McKinley Tours

There is more then just the one way to experience Mount McKinley when your in Alaska. You can view it from above via one of the McKinley Scenic Flights offered in the area or by hiking across the trails inside the park boundries. But the most common means is the bus tours that offer a great look at the Denali Wilderness and Wildlife too.

The Denali Park Shuttle Bus and the Denali Park Tour Bus are reserved through the park concessioner, Doyon/ARAMARK Joint Venture. You can contact them about reservations at 1-800-622-7275



Charter flights are available offering scenic views of Mount Mckinley and Denali Park.


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